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Hello Robert,

Thank you for all your help in this matter. I appreciate all your hard work and effort and will recommend your services to all my business associates.

Thanks again,


Dear Robert Schriebman,

I wanted to thank you for your website and articles. I have enjoyed your three articles on California “Domicile” vs. “residency.” I am presently in a dispute with Revenue Canada Agency, which accepts Blacks legal dictionary meanings. I would like to use information from your articles in support of my dispute. Greatly appreciated.


Dear Mr. Robert S. Schriebman,

My name is Joshua B. and I am a recently licensed attorney in California. I have newly started practicing as an employment lawyer and have since been confronted with clients dealing with assessments from the EDD. I would first like to thank you so much for the valuable time that you have spent in putting together some of the most fantastic resources regarding the EDD and the audit process. Despite audits from the EDD being such an important and impactful event to California businesses, I was surprised to have found such a lack of resources until I discovered your website and your articles.

Since reading through an array of your related articles, I have obtained a substantial grasp on the EDD’s procedures and practices , of which I doubt that I would have been able to obtain without your resources.

So again, I thank you for your unknowing assistance in my education of the law surrounding the EDD. I’ve recently come to a decision with one of my clients that it is likely within their best interest to attempt to obtain a settlement from the EDD regarding their assessment of my client’s company due to statutory concerns. While your online resources have been extremely helpful in this task, there are still certain topics and issues that I would like to learn more about.

In continuing to search through your resources, I was thankful to come across your book, California Taxation Practice and Procedure. However, to my disappointment, I’ve been unable to locate this book city law libraries and law school libraries. It comes now as the subject of my email as to if I may ask you how I may come across this very valuable resource. If there’s any information that you would be able to provide me in regards to being able to obtain or read through this book, it would be greatly appreciated.

I thank you for your valuable time in reading this letter and look forward to hearing back from you. Again, I would like to thank you so much for the resources that you have already provided me with on your website.

Very truly yours,

Joshua B.

Mr. Schriebman,

I have been a customer of yours, via CCH, for several years. The first book that I purchased was called: How To Practice IRS No Tricks-No Magic (a Procedural Manual For Practitioners). I believe that this book was published sometime around 1990. With this first book, I was able to obtain my first Offer-In-Compromise which settled a $200,000 debt for about $5,000. Obviously, this manual was one of the best investments that I have ever made. Later in years, CCH began the publication of IRS Tax Collection Procedures. I immediately began receiving this publication with annual updates. However, it looks like this publication ceased its printing around 2009. The purpose of my email is to thank you for your wisdom and to see if you have any new books or manuals for sale. Lastly, I also wanted to find out if you can represent any cases in the State of Washington.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

-G.S., CPA
State of Washington

Hi Robert,

Just wanted to thank you. Audit couldn’t have gone better. Very friendly and even goes to same church as us. She is recommending a no change audit.

Thank you very much for your honest and candid advice.


. . . No one else could have brought my problems to a manageable conclusion. Everything you did went above and beyond. It is a testament to your character, talent, integrity, professionalism and confirms your standing as a great human being.

You have been one of the kindest and caring people in my life for over 5 years. You treated me with consideration, dignity and respect while the in humanity of my situation was at it’s worst. I personally would not have survived the crisis without you. . . .


Hi Bob:

I have never forgotten how you took over my tax situation when my car was stolen early one January with all of my business and personal ledgers, checks and receipts for the previous tax year, and my confusion compounded due to the loss of my young son a week after the car
theft . . . you were much more than merely a “competent” and preeminent tax attorney. Then your expertise not only cured my tax situation but, what I did not anticipate, you were also so very caring.

Thank you forever.

Just a quick note to let you know that though at times I may not respond timely to your calls I do appreciate your friendship and everything small and large that you do to “save us” . . . money and keep us out of trouble. I give thanks to G-d every day for you in my life and the wisdom that you have shared and continue to share with me.

Many thanks and G-d’s blessings to you and your family.

Robert, I’m not in need of your services, but I just wanted to thank you for all of the helpful information on your website. We recently went through an EDD independent contractor audit and your tips were invaluable in helping us maneuver through the process and come out of it just fine. Thank you for sharing your insights with us for free!

The EDD audit followed the process you outlined in your various articles every step of the way, all the way down to the EDD asking for an extension of time, which, after reading your article, we denied, so they wrapped it up soon thereafter, and we are done with not a scratch on us! Had we not read your articles and gained your valuable insight, we would’ve followed the advice of our CPA, who said to grant the EDD the extension — “why not?”, in which case we would still be in agony right now.

I have passed your website along to several people, including our CPA, who has found your articles very educational. While I hope we don’t have another EDD audit, you will be bookmarked in my “favorites” folder forever!