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Rolling Hills Tax Attorney

Choosing a Tax Attorney

The IRS is not your friend! You need someone with the savvy to know where to go within the system to solve your particular problem. No one has to tell you that the Internal Revenue Code is very complicated.

In order to be effective, a tax attorney must know the code, must regularly interact in a variety of situations with the IRS and California’s tax agencies and must have an ongoing commitment to staying current with changes to both tax code and complex tax collection procedures.

Background and experience matters

Tax attorney Robert S. Schriebman has dedicated more than 40 years to helping individual taxpayers, business owners, students and tax attorneys navigate the complicated tax systems of the federal and state governments. He has written twenty books on tax collection procedures of the IRS and the state of California, including in-depth manuals explaining the agencies and their methods to tax attorneys. He has also lectured at New York University’s Institute on Federal Taxation, at USC’s Annual Tax Institute and is a retired professor of IRS Practice and Procedures at the University of Southern California (USC) Graduate School of Accounting.

The Treasury Department and the IRS have one of the largest armies of attorneys and CPAs on the planet. You can level the field by having on your side a deeply experienced, distinguished attorney whose career is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of taxpayers.

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Picking the right attorney

When choosing an attorney, pick one with the experience and knowledge to fix your tax problems, whatever they might be. At the Law Office of Robert S. Schriebman, we urge you to consider our firm when making your selection. We have substantial experience in successfully resolving complicated tax matters including civil and criminal fraud audits, tax levies, wage garnishments, non-payment of employment tax, and penalty and interest abatement. We also serve as effective advocates in appeals to the IRS and in litigation.

To schedule a consultation, call Robert S. Schriebman, A Professional Law Corporation, at 877-824-1563.We also invite you to learn more about Attorney Schriebman by “Googling” him.


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