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Los Angeles Tax Audit Attorney Robert S. Schriebman

When you first become aware that you are being audited, you may be concerned about large penalties, overwhelming tax liability, and other civil and criminal consequences. While many individuals and businesses are struggling in this difficult economy, taxing authorities are as busy as ever. If the results of your audit are unfavorable, you need an experienced California State audit attorney to help you.

At Robert S. Schriebman, A Professional Law Corporation, we help clients deal with audits from any of the three separate taxing agencies in California. Whether you are dealing with an employment tax audit, income tax audit or sales tax audit, we can help you contest the outcome.

To speak to experienced lawyer Robert S. Schriebman, call 877-824-1563 or contact us online. We can help you get the tax relief you need.

Each taxing agency in California operates differently. You need to be prepared for your audit and know your rights in the process. State tax officials do not have your best interests at heart. They are not responsible for informing you of your rights or giving you tax advice. The power is on their side. To understand the unique risks you are facing at each stage of the audit process, you need a skilled tax attorney.

Certified Specialist in Taxation Law for More Than 35 Years

Contesting the results of an audit is not easy. If the results of the audit are improper, you need careful, experienced assistance to make your case. Tax attorney Robert S. Schriebman is a certified specialist in tax law. He has written 20 books about various tax law issues. He has dedicated his practice to helping people get a fair result in tax issues.

If you need legal help regarding your California audit, contact Robert S. Schriebman, A Professional Law Corporation. Call 877-824-1563 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.