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Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
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Los Angeles Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Lawyer

Certified Specialist in Tax Law, Robert S. Schriebman

A trust fund recovery penalty (TFRP) is an assessment against employers for failing to turn over payroll taxes to the IRS. The IRS is seeking to hold you personally liable for the unpaid withholding taxes of your business. The assessment process is highly intrusive and is handled separately from other types of tax penalties.

At Robert S. Schriebman, A Professional Law Corporation, we have extensive experience protecting clients in tax cases. We have been highly successful in engaging the IRS and having our clients cleared of responsibility in TFRP cases. For more than 40 years, we have dedicated our practice to serving taxpayers in California and across the nation.

If you have been assessed a penalty, contact Robert S. Schriebman, A Professional Law Corporation to discuss your options. Call 877-824-1563 to schedule an appointment with dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer Robert S. Schriebman at our offices in Los Angeles.

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty AttorneyPosse Comitatus Handbook

These penalties are often assessed against a CEO, director or other management-level officials in the company. Anyone with a degree of control over the payroll tax trust fund can be exposed to individual liability, depending on how your business was operated. If the IRS has targeted you, you need immediate legal assistance.

We understand the stress and disruption to your life that an IRS penalty can cause. They will speak to your bank, review your personal assets, as well as your business, and basically intrude on every aspect of your life. We can help you present a strong defense to protect your interests.

Tax attorney Robert S. Schriebman literally wrote the book on tax law. He has authored 20 books on taxes for his fellow lawyers. He has been a certified specialist in taxation law for more than 35 years. His knowledge of IRS procedure and tax law allows him to be aggressive in defending clients.

If you have been assessed a trust fund recovery penalty, contact Robert S. Schriebman, A Professional Law Corporation. Call 877-824-1563 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.