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The EDD’s New Business-Friendly Computer System

By Robert S. Schriebman, SJD

Copyright 2011. No part of this article may be taken and used in any way whatsoever without the express written consent of Robert S. Schriebman

The EDD has a new computer system that replaces the former Tax Accounting System (TAS) of the past 25 years. The new system is known as “Expanded e-Services for Business”. The new system meets the current needs of the EDD and also meets the needs of employers with regard to laws, forms, and emerging types of programs. Here are a few of the major benefits:

  • Allow members 24-hour access to their own account information
  • Ability to register on-line
  • View correspondence
  • See payment history
  • Electronic payment
  • Electronic deposits

There is also an option for making an installment payment agreement on-line. If you currently have an installment payment agreement with an EDD Collector, you can contact that Collector and make arrangements for payments on-line.

In order to use Expanded e-Services for Business you must download Microsoft Silverlight 4 or higher (refer to Microsoft Silverlight for installation instructions and system requirements).

20 Questions

As part of Expanded eServices for Business, the EDD has also provided answers to 20 frequently asked questions (FAQ). Here are samples of some of these questions:

Do employers who already have an e-Services account have to enroll again?

How do I enroll in this program?

Are Expanded e-Services for Business secure?

Who do I call if I have problems using Expanded e-Services for Business?

How can employers allow their agent to view their account?

Which type of enrollment on the e-Services Authorization page should I select if I am an agent, payroll agent, third-party representative, bookkeeper, or accountant that represents one or more employers?


EDD Publication “California Employer”

The new Expanded e-Services for Business is more fully explained in the EDD newsletter “California Employer,” first quarter, 2011. I recommend that you go on-line and download a copy.

The new expanded functions are set forth in the newsletter as follows:

  • View account balance
  • Get payment history and detail, including amount of payment, date received, and filing period the payment was applied to
  • Change and verify the location and mailing addresses
  • Ability to print an electronic copy of a tax return
  • View the financial summary for each period, including the period’s tax, penalty, interest, credit, and balance
  • Get the current Unemployment Insurance (UI) rate and rate history
  • Account profile information (e-mail address, telephone number, saved payment sources)
  • Make ACH debit or credit card payments for tax deposits and outstanding liabilities
  • File and amend returns
  • View correspondence sent by EDD, such as account statements
  • Give permission to an authorized representative to make requests on their behalf

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